BTS Fan Writes 1300 Word Essay To Convince Her Dad To Let Her Go To Concert


BTS fan has been so desperate to go see her idol group perform that she wrote a 1300 word essay explaining discussing South Korean military law and why she should be allowed to go to a BTS concert for her dad to read. Talk about giving it your 110% effort into it!

In addition, she even prepared a three-minute long presentation as well.

The fan, known as a twelve year old girl named Zylina, shared her story on social media.


Zylina even recently received excellent grades in school as well, hoping it would give more reasons for her dad to allow her to go out and have fun.


bts fan dad


But here’s the best part. Her father had already secretly purchased tickets to Los Angeles, and the whole family was going to go see BTS. Zylina literally couldn’t control herself as her dad showed her the plane ticket reservations through his phone.

We’re happy for you!