BTS Jin Hopes For More Honest World Amidst K-Pop’s Sajaegi Controversies

bts jin


BTS’s world wide handsome Jin recently spoke about a more honest world where there is no such thing as sajaegi chart manipulation.

And what better timing from someone who has a powerful voice within the K-Pop scene right? Jin would know what it’s like to start from the bottom as BTS worked hard for several years before reaching their current superstardom today. And of course, everyone knows that no sajaegi was ever involved.

Just recently during an awards acceptance speech at MAMA 2019, Jin stated:

“We are working hard on our music. We will come back with good music again when we’re ready to release our next album. There are many artists here today making great music, and we hope that the world gets a chance to listen to all of them.”

And here’s the best part.

“Using unfair methods and all, it’s all good and everything. But what if we all just make good music using honest methods instead? I really hope that the era where everyone makes good music and listens to good music comes soon.”

bts jin


bts jin


The iconic global K-Pop group took home a total of nine awards this year during MAMA 2019.

Congratulations to BTS!