BTS V Was Left In Tears For Ten Minutes All Because Of What Suga Did

suga v


BTS member once was left in tears for a whole ten minutes.

According to the K-Pop idol himself, he talked about how fellow group member Suga made him cry. This was revealed back in 2018 during ‘Bangtan Dinner Party’.

As many ARMY may already be aware, BTS was actually on the verge of potentially disbanding during that time period, despite having seen ground-breaking success world-wide. And it most definitely would have been quite a difficult and emotional time period. Just think about it. All seven members started from the bottom together and did the impossible. There must definitely be some special bond among each other and the thought of disbanding would have been quite difficult to cope with.

V revealed that Suga, who is usually reserved and not too expressive when it comes to showing emotions, wrote him a long message while saying “I love you” at the end. Really? From Suga? You best better believe it because it made V burst in tears and crying for a whole ten minutes.

This of course, naturally caused some of the other members to hilariously respond saying that Suga never told them that he loved them. World-wide handsome Jin joked saying that the longest message Suga ever sent him was “Do you want to go out and eat?”.

However, the group’s maknae JungKook, revealed that Suga also once told him that he loved him as well.