BTS’s Jin Reported To Have Donated More Than 100M Won To UNICEF

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On May 31, it was reported that BTS‘s Jin has donated more than 100M won to UNICEF and became a member of ‘UNICEF Honors Club’.

It was revealed that to donors who have donated more than 100M won, they are specially invited to become part of ‘UNICEF Honors Club’.

Jin has been donating consistently a fixed amount of money every month since May 2018. After a year, it was said that he had cumulatively donated a total more than 100M won.

Big Hit Entertainment

In addition, the idol has been keeping this a secret but agreed with the saying that positive influence becomes bigger when it is shared. Hence, he had decided to share the news that he had become part of ‘UNICEF Honors Club’.

UNICEF Korea Secretary General, Lee GiCheol also showed his gratitude to Jin by thanking his positive influence and inspiration towards the youngsters. He also hopes that through this, many people will gain an interest in the campaign.

Previously, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment have been collaborating with UNICEF since 2017 with ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign which aims at ending violence against minors.

Currently, BTS is having their tour “LOVE YOURSELF : SPEAK YOURSELF“.

Are you also touched by Jin’s kind actions?