BTS’s V Approached Park SeoJoon By Break Dancing On “MMA 2019”

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Winter Strawverry

Did you manage to watch the magnificent “Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2019” that was held on Nov. 30 at Gocheok Sky Dome?

K-Pop idols put up jaw dropping performances and many who had watched the award ceremony were also amazed by the diversity of stages “MMA 2019” had.

During the award presentation, actor Park SeoJoon was the presenter for “Artist of the Year” and BTS  was announced as the winners.

It was then when many noticed that BTS’s V had made his way happily to the actor by doing break dancing.

Fans had compiled videos of V as well as the reaction of Park SeoJoon. Take a look for yourself below!

If you did not already know, both celebrities became close after filming together for KBS “Hwarang”. Since then, they had maintained their close friendship with one another.

Park SeoJoon had later pat on V’s back after passing him the trophy.

Many talked about how adorable V was and also love the interactions between the two of them.

Did you also find their interaction adorable too?