Burning Sun CEO Lee MoonHo Testifies In Defense Of SeungRi


The CEO of the now inactive club Burning Sun, Lee MoonHo, was recently interviewed by South Korean news agency KyungHyang news.

Some of the statements made by Lee during the interview caused quite a controversy among the South Korean public.

He stated:

“I am friends with SeungRi. I created plans to launch Burning Sun and made an offer to him to join me. I owned 10% whereas he owned 20% of the club. If SeungRi’s KakaoTalk conversation from three years ago makes him a criminal, don’t you think that it’s like saying all South Korean men are criminals too then? And it’s not as if prostitution was actually happening, it was all just playing around and things turned out like this…How would I even know what happened back in 2015? I wasn’t even a member of SeungRi’s chat room. And if I really was a druggie, would I have submitted my DNA evidence to the police willingly?”

He also added:

“And do you really think Burning Sun is the only club where drugs are being distributed? From my understanding, the nation is in anger because there have been talks of women being drugged with GHB and sexually assaulted. Why aren’t these women filing charges with the police? Given the current state of things, the ones accused would be instantly arrested and the women would easily be able to receive compensation money. But why do you think no women are stepping up?”

When asked if he denies the accusations surrounding the Burning Sun scandal, he replied saying with a question asking

“Has there actually been a victim who has been investigated by the police for being drugged and raped recently? On the contrary, I’m fully cooperating with the police at the moment. I found out who first spread rumors of me drugging women and raping them, reported the person to the police, and had him arrested. The lead investigator even thanked me for it. This whole thing is witch-hunting at its finest.”

Lee also added:

“I’ve become a successful businessman in Gangnam at a young age, and made a lot of enemies while doing it, which is why I’m often the topic of gossip among some people. But I take pride in the way I’ve lived my life.

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