Burning Sun Employees Who Reported Alleged Drug Dealers Were Fired By The Club


It turns out that some former employees of club Burning Sun were law abiding citizens as new reports revealed that they were fired when they filed a report to the police station after allegedly seeing a Chinese woman named “Anna” distribute drugs inside the club.

“Anna” first caught the attention of netizens when a photo of her and BIGBANG member SeungRi surfaced online. With rumors and allegations of distribution drugs, “Anna” being pictured with SeungRi who was also under suspicion of shady dealings as the former director for Burning Sun definitely had people talking.


But it wasn’t just “Anna”, but two other women involved who are under suspicions of being involved in drug distribution at club Burning Sun. They are currently known as Alice and Yang Yang.

burning sun anna


An interview with former employees of Burning Sun claims that “Anna” herself too has been a well-known user of drugs as well.

burning sun


“We used to talk about it amongst ourselves, ‘Oh Anna, she’s the one who does drugs.’”

And according to the stories of the former employees, “Anna” was also making big money while working for Burning Sun, despite her status as an illegal alien within South Korea. She connected the club to rich Chinese clients and some say that she earned up to $17,000 per day.

burning sun


“Anna” is currently being investigated by the South Korean police while her home has also been searched as well.

Stay tuned for updates!