Burning Sun Investor Madam Lin Has An Apartment Right Next To G-Dragon’s Suite


A mysterious figure currently known as Madam Lin, reportedly has spent $26 million in real estate in South Korea.

According to various reports from South Korean news agencies, she owns three apartment suites in total. One in the Jamsil Lotte Tower, one in Galleria Foret, and another in Hannam The Hill.

News Desk

s say that her suite in Galleria Foret is on the exact same floor as BIGBANG member G-Dragon’s suite. In addition, it has also been revealed that Madam Lin invested approximately $900,000 in club Burning Sun, making it a total of around $26 million that she spent in South Korea.

But for the authorities, everything just doesn’t make any sense.

The reason why is because Madam Lin, being a foreigner, has not declared any large sum of money upon entering South Korea, raising suspicions regarding the of her enormous cash flow.

It seems that the authorities won’t be able to get her in for questioning any time soon as she has reportedly left in a hurry back to Taiwan a few weeks back.

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