Burning Sun Reporter Missing & Associate’s Home Burned Down Recently

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Burning Sun reporter Oh HyukJin, is currently the most searched topic in South Korea.


Netizens are currently in fear for his safety as they believe his life may be in danger for digging too deep in to the scandals surrounding club Burning Sun. Mr. Oh posted a message to netizens through his Instagram account, assuring everyone that he is safe and that a scenario of him being murdered and having it staged as a suicide or an accident won’t happen.

However, his Instagram account was recently switched to a private account and his original post assuring netizens has been deleted.



But what is even more suspicious at the moment is the fact that Noh SeungIl, the chief editor and journalist who played a big part in exposing the Choi SoonSil scandal, is also silent at the moment as well. Mr. Oh assured netizens that Noh SeungIl is the man who will be watching over him while aiding him in the investigations in to Burning Sun. However, Mr. Noh’s home in Gwangju was burned down recently.

burning house


The fact that these two journalists are going deep in to dangerous territories to uncover the truth naturally has netizens worried for their lives.


The reasons for how the fire started has not yet been revealed.