Burning Sun Reporter Says Bigger Shocking News Will Follow Soon

seungri jung joonyoung

All the recent news regarding the scandals surrounding Burning Sun, BIGBANG member SeungRi, and singer Jung JoonYoung has been quite a shock to the world. But reporter Oh HyukJin, the journalist responsible for first exposing the recent scandals, has revealed that there is more to come.

Netizens are currently no doubt both fearful and curious as to what on earth could possibly be worse than the news that we’ve heard already. Alleged use of date rape drugs, a chatroom where celebrities upload footages of sex tapes that were filmed without consent, and corruption of people within the police department. If something bigger and more shocking is on its way, it can only mean that whatever it is, it’s most likely something that we imagined existed only in the movies.

Reporter Oh HyukJin has revealed that new information about the current scandals will be revealed to the public on a weekly basis.

Stay tuned for updates!