Cable Network tvN Sat-Sun Fantasy Drama Memories of Alhambra Premieres at High 7.5% Ratings


Congrats to tvN for premiering two high profile K-dramas in the same week and having both knock it out of the park in terms of ratings. Second to arrive Memories of Alhambra brought in 7.5% AGB nationwide ratings, the second highest Sat-Sun premiere after Mr. Sunshine which broke 8% with Goblin in third getting over 6% in its first episode. Reviews are also solid with audiences enjoying the fresh source narrative of an AR game and also the gorgeous location shoot in Spain, but of course it’s also the big star power pairing of Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye that also brought in the viewers. But there is another competitor to note as the other cable network jTBC premiered a new drama Sky Castle last week, with episode 1 getting over 1% but episode 2 skyrocketed past 4%, and its third episode today came in neck-and-neck with Memories at 7.5%. I tend to see today’s ratings as having room for more viewers, really it’s bringing back to TV the viewers who have migrated to other mediums, so I see plenty of room for both cable dramas to do well without bastardizing each others ratings.