Children Of A Lesser God: Korean Drama Review

Children of a Lesser God Kim Dan - Korean Drama Review

Children Of A Lesser God Cast

Cheon Jae-In – Kang Ji-Hwan
Kim Dan – Kim Ok-Vin
Joo Ha-Min – Sim Hee-Seop
Baek A-Hyun – Lee Elijah
Pastor Wang – Jang Gwang
Baek Do-Gyu – Lee Hyo-Jeong
Kim Ho-Ki – Ahn Kil-Kang
Kook Han-Joo – Lee Jae-Yong
Choi Sung-Ki – Kim Hyeong-Beom
Gye Do-Hoon – Yeon Jae-Hyeong
Han Sang-Goo – Kim Dong-Young / Apollo
Eom Yeon-Hwa – Han Bo-Reum
Ggoltong – Choi Jung-Hun
Kim Dan (young) – Han Seo-Jin

Children Of A Lesser God Plot

Kim Dan, said to be a granddaughter of a powerful shaman can see the moment when a person dies. She can see it but has no control over the power. She grew up and becomes a detective and secretly uses her power to aid her job. She lost all her memory prior to age 7 but simply accepts the fact that some people do not have a memory of their younger age.

Cheon Jae-In is a star detective. He has the highest solved crimes in their department. He is a genius who relies on evidence and quick judgment. When he meets Kim Dan at work, he thought she is crazy at first because he cannot understand her actions of solving crimes. Kim Dan is also in conflict on whether to tell him about her ability or not. Not long after, Kim Dan convinces him of her ability and together, they solve crimes with her power and his intelligence.

My Thoughts On Children Of A Lesser God

The plot of this drama is not really unique but has some aspects that I like. If you have watched the Korean drama, Black, you will notice that the plot is the same. What I like about this drama though is that the female lead is strong. She does not solely rely on her power. She can kick some ass and is not a crybaby. She had several fight scenes with criminals where she did not need someone to save her. I have watched several dramas where the woman needed a man to save her even though the woman is a trained police officer. This is a major turn on for me in this drama.

Korean Drama Children of a Lesser God Kim Dan and the detective

Warning, spoilers ahead to better express my opinion about this drama.

At first, the male lead did not believe about Kim Dan’s ability. That is quite normal especially in his field of work. They rely heavily on evidence and here’s a rookie detective saying that she knows what’s going to happen. In real life, you will not easily believe it as well unless you see it in person. In Detective Cheon Jae-In’s case, he paid a heavy price. His younger sister died because he ignored Kim Dan’s warning not to release the prisoner because he would kill again. The incident made him leave the police force temporarily. That was also the turning point for him to believe Kim Dan but he still observed more to really know if Kim Dan was telling the truth.

Korean Drama Children of a Lesser God Detective Cheon Jae-In

The more Kim Dan explores her power, the more she remembers about her past. Her past is something that she is afraid of because her father is becoming someone who is not she thought he is. He pretends to be a good dad and lies about the horrible past that he killed people. Honestly, he is really a good dad from the time that he realized that the cult made him do bad things. It’s just that he cannot escape what he did in the past.

Subtle Romance

It is clear that the two has chemistry here. I am glad that they did not inject cheezy romance here like what they do in most Korean dramas. They stuck to the main genres which are mystery and supernatural.  

Religion Equals Money

The antagonists used religion here to gather money and fool people. The politician, Kook Han-Joo used that religion too to advance his career. This plot is not alien because it really does happen in real life. What’s even more appalling in this drama is the abuse done to kids by the Pastor and his people just to earn money. This is the trauma that made Kim Dan forget her memory. It is unbelievable how people do not notice that the kids were being abused. The kids were taught to lie about their injuries or else they will suffer more. Kids, being so young does not see an exit so they just do what they were being told to avoid further pain.

Those kids turned to be monsters and criminals when they grew older except for Kim Dan. She does not even remember it and believes she had a happy life with her father since she was young. For some who are unlucky like Popeye, they continue to be abused by the religion. They became adults yet have not escaped the cruelty. Popeye though is smart since he was young so he became a prosecutor doing dirty work for the cult. He may be smart but I think he is not strong due to the fact that he was still in the clutches of the cult.

In episode 1 of this drama, we saw another person who was abused as a kid, Han Sang-Goo, also known as Apollo. His acting is really good in this drama. He’s a villain that you will be afraid of. I just hoped that he did not die so early in this drama because his contribution in Kim Dan’s life is big. They just made it look like it’s not important even though he was with her when they were abused. It was really sad when he died even though he killed a lot of people. It is clear that he is just a messed up person due to the abuse.

Korean Drama Children of a Lesser God Han Sang Goo

Comedy Is Not Necessary.

I do seriously think though that this drama will still do well without comedy. It is a supernatural – mystery drama but they injected some comedic scenes which I think is not necessary. I think light comedy is just so common in Korean dramas and I just have watched too many of them that it does not attract me anymore.

If you are a fan of mystery dramas, this is definitely a good watch.  

Children Of A Lesser God Korean Drama