Choi Jin-hyuk, Son Hyun-joo considering lead roles in revenge drama ‘Justice’


On February 22, a representative from KBS2 revealed that Choi Jin-hyuk has been offered the lead role in the network’s new drama, Justice. Both sides are currently in talks regarding the offer.

Justice is a revenge drama based on a web novel of the same name. It tells the story of a man who loses his family after making a deal with an evil man, and his resulting quest for revenge. Besides revenge, it also deals with the themes of understanding the value of life and innocence.

Choi has been offered the role of Lee Tae-kyung, a lawyer known as the master of witness manipulation in the industry. He has the highest rates of getting ‘not-guilty’ judgments and takes on cases of high-ranking officials to get them acquitted. Lawyer Lee is a character that combines good looks with brilliant skills but doesn’t have a strong moral compass.

The actor was recently seen in The Last Empress on SBS, giving a solid performance as a royal guard with ulterior motives, with whom Jang Na-ra’s character falls in love. His past projects include Devilish Charm (2018) and Tunnel (2017).

Meanwhile, actor Son Hyun-joo is also in talks to join the main cast as Song Woo-young, a CEO of a construction company and Lee Tae-kyung’s nemesis. Due to his greed for money and power, his character has been described as the modern version of the devil. The actor was previously seen in Criminal Minds (2017) and Signal (2016).

Justice is written by Jung Chan-mi, who co-wrote School 2017 and Cheer Up! (2015), and will be directed by Jo Woong who worked on the KBS drama special Summer Dream in 2016. The series is expected to air in July.

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