Choo Ja-hyun hopes to inspire mothers with role in ‘Beautiful World’


Actress Choo Ja-hyun will return to the small screen with the new drama Beautiful World, nine years after she was last seen in a Korean TV series with a major supporting role. In an interview, she talked about her acting and role in the upcoming drama.

Beautiful World is JTBC’s latest drama that deals with a major societal problem in Korea. It will center on a family who is enjoying a peaceful life until their son falls victim to school violence. Nam Da-reum (Where Stars Land), takes on the role of the son while Kim Hwan-hee (The Miracle We Met) plays his younger sister. Meanwhile, their parents are portrayed by Park Hee-soon (The Missing) and Choo Ja-hyun. The series will focus on how the family will fight against the issue that negatively affects their children and how their lives will change after the incident.

Choo Ja-hyun’s character is named Kang In-ha. She runs a bakery to sustain her family’s needs while his husband (Park) works as a physics teacher.

Photo Credit: Xportsnews

In the interview, Choo said, “I hope to inspire mothers from around the world to be strong, and I wish to convey their sincere hearts.” She alluded to her character as a courageous woman who will do anything and remain strong when her child is suffering from pain.

In addition, she talked about acting with sincerity. “I used to believe that acting is simply a technique, but I’m glad this project will let me portray a role with my feelings. I was very nervous on the first shooting day, but the director encouraged me not to worry.”

This is the first time in nine years that Choo will be seen in a Korean drama with a major role. She last appeared in a Korean series in 2010 through A Man Called God and spent the next five years working on Korean films and Chinese TV series. During the last three years, she focused on her family life as the wife of Chinese actor and singer Yu Xiaoguang and mother of her son, who was born just last year.

Choo Ja-hyun also expressed how grateful she is to appear in the series and mentioned that she will work hard “with my heart.” “I am grateful that the director and writer chose me for the role,” she shared.

Beautiful World will air every Friday and Saturday beginning April 5.

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