ChungHa Donates 10,000 Masks To Low Income Children In Lieu With 24th Birthday


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ChungHa Official Twitter

ChungHa had prepared special presents to children from low income family in lieu of her 24th birthday.

On Feb. 9, it was shared by the representative of organisation “Child Fund” that the solo artist had donated 10,000 masks that cost approximately KRW20,000,000 won in total to children from low income family.

ChungHa had been interested in helping those in need and in the midst of the recent coronavirus issue, she had decided to provide masks to the children in need especially since it might be difficult for them to get their hand on one. She also hoped that the children will stay safe and grow up healthily.

The organization also mentioned that they are very thankful towards the kind actions from ChungHa and assured that they will deliver the masks to the children in need.

ChungHa had initially scheduled her fanmeeting on Feb. 8 but decided to postpone it due to the coronavirus.

Are you also touched by her kind actions?


chungha, chungha profile,chungha facts, chungha age, chungha comeback, chungha album,
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