CIX Debut Showcase “Hello, Stranger” Tickets Sold Out In 30 Seconds

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New boy group CIX proves their popularity even before them debuting.

On July 24, CIX which consists of BX, SeungHoon, Bae JinYoung, YongHee and HyunSuk will be holding their first ever debut showcase, “Hello, Stranger”. The tickets opened for sale a day ago and it was reported by Melon Ticket that around 16,000 people went online simultaneously, causing the system to freeze.

With that being said, in 30 seconds, 5000 tickets were sold out.

C9 Entertainment

Not long ago, CIX had also revealed the schedule for the upcoming debut. You can find out more on their official social media accounts.

CIX debut album is called ‘HELLO’ and fans are more than excited to find out what kind of music they will be bringing to the table.

With that being said, many are hoping that July 23 will come quickly as they will finally get to hear the debut album.

Are you also looking forward to CIX’s debut?