CLC SeungYeon Responds To Alleged Assault By Staff Member

clc seungyeon

Just recently on August 22nd, CLC fans have been worried about group member SeungYeon when a video clip of her allegedly being assaulted by a staff member went viral.

Because the angle of the camera didn’t capture SeungYeon and only parts of the motions of the staff member, fans have been confused about whether an assault was taking place or if the two were just playing around.


SeungYeon responded to the recent issue. You can read her message to fans below.



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여러분! 어제 소리바다 대기실 영상으로 인해 오해가 조금 있는 것 같아요! 저는 누구에게도 맞거나 다치지도 않았습니다! 친구와 마주쳐서 신나게 반겼을 뿐인데 영상의 각도로 봤을 때 오해하신 분들이 계신 것 같아요ㅜ 걱정해주셔서 감사합니다! 근데 걱정안하셔도 돼요! 알겠죠~??♥️ Hey guys! I know that there has been a drama about the clip at Soribada festival yesterday. I would like to make it clear that nothing bad happened yesterday at all!! I was just joking around with one of my friend in front of our green room. I think it was because of the ANGLE that made everyone think that something bad happened to me yesterday. Thank you so much for worrying about me guys but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BAD HAPPENED so there’s nothing to worry about. PS/우리 매니저오빠들이 오해받으셔서 슬퍼했어요 ??

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