Club Burning Sun To Be Demolished After Scandal Breakout? Police Step In To Prevent It Happening

club burning sun

It’s safe to say that the end of club Burning Sun is indefinite. The club has reportedly been shut down after being surrounded by a scandal involving the alleged use of date rape drugs, sexual assault, and physical assault. And according to South Korean news agency Chosun Ilbo, the executives of the club were attempting to have the club demolished.

But not so fast. The South Korean police intervened and halted the demolition plans as they released an official statement explaining:

“We have prevented the club and hotel Le Meridien from being demolished. We currently see it as an act and an attempt to destroy key evidence to our on-goin investigation.”

The club was shut down on February 17th and the demolition was initially supposed to take place on February 18th. But another strange thing about the whole situation is that Burning Sun originally stated that changes would be made to the VIP section of the club in order to improve the safety of the customers and also promised to install additional CCTV cameras. Instead, the club attempted to demolish the entire building.


Conclusive information still have not been released by the police as of yet.

However, small progresses have been made after a drug bust at the club’s staff member’s house, and the interrogation of the alleged drug dealer woman from China, “Anna’. All the executives, including BIGBANG member SeungRi are also currently under investigation which includes a drug test as well.

Stay tuned for updates!