CNBLUE Lee JongHyun Asked Jung JoonYoung To Hand Girls Over To Him

lee jonghyun

According to South Korean news agency Dispatch, CNBLUE member Lee JongHyun has been confirmed to be a member of Jung JoonYoung’s chat room where sex tapes filmed through a hidden camera were uploaded.

The news comes after the involvement of two other famous celebrities, Yong JungHyung and Choi JongHoon. The former admitted that he received an explicit sex video from Jung JoonYoung and talked inappropriately about the woman in it while watching it whereas the latter attempted to have police connections cover up a drunk driving incident.

Below are some of the text messages released by Dispatch and SBS 8.


Lee JongHyun: Hurry up and hand over girls. Ones that are sl*tty.

Jung JoonYoung: Who do you want?

Lee JongHyun: Better if they are ones you didn’t f***. If there aren’t any, just a hot sl*t.

lee jonhyung scandal


Lee JongHyun: I had ****** with the girls from ******.

Jung JoonYoung: Not bad. Next time, introduce me to them.

lee jonhyung scandal


Lee JongHyun: Are there any hot and young sl*ts? Someone good for playing around with lol.