‘Confession’ starts off with strong ratings, ‘Kill It’ settles for less than 3 percent


Last weekend saw the premiere of two thrillers. While tvN’s legal thriller Confession is off to a good start with 5% viewership, OCN’s crime thriller Kill It marks its first week with ratings below 3 %.

According to Nielsen Korea, Confession premiered on March 23 with a 4.6 percent nationwide audience share. By the second episode, which was aired on March 24, this figure rose to 5.4 percent. On the other hand, Kill It recorded a meager 1.1% for its first episode but saw an increase to 2.3% during the second episode.

Confession revolves around a prosecutor named Choi Do-hyun (played by Lee Joon-ho) and a detective by the name of Ki Choon-ho (Yoo Jae-myung). While it is not clear if the two will team up or be each other’s adversaries in the show yet, they had an intense confrontation scene in the second episode which garnered a lot of attention and made for a tense viewing experience, especially because Lee and Yoo displayed complete immersion in their respective characters.

Prosecutor Choi faces a dilemma as he is hired to defend a guy whose innocence he had already proved in case a few years ago. Detective Ki tells him that the guy was actually guilty in the case from five years ago, but not now. The second episode ended on an interrogation scene as Choi asked his client, “Did you murder someone five years ago?” His straightforward question shocked the viewers and raised anticipation for next week’s episodes.

OCN’s Kill It, on the other hand, tells the story of a detective called Do Hyun-jin, who unwittingly becomes close with an assassin who lives a dual life—Kim Soo-hyun. Nana and Jang Ki-yong essay the roles of the detective and the hitman, repesctively. It is revealed that they live on the same floor and become friends, unaware that they are actually hunting down each other. In the second episode, Detective Do has a confrontation with the Russian mafia, and Kim surprises the viewers by turning up to protect her.

Confession and Kill It air every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 and 22:20 KST, respectively.

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