‘Confession’ unveils gritty character posters of main cast


On March 11, tvN’s legal thriller Confession released character posters for Lee Joon-ho, Yoo Jae-myung, Shin Hyun-bin and Nam Gi-ae.

The latest promotional materials are in the form of torn and crumpled posters that can be found stuck on walls in public places, with quotes matching each character’s motivations and views.

The first poster features the show’s lead, Lee Joon-ho, looking straight into the camera with a piercing expression. The text on his poster says, “Is a ruling important? Is the truth important?” The actor is playing Choi Do-hyun, a calculative prosecutor who tries to find out the truth behind a case involving his father, who is on the death row.

Yoo Jae-myung’s poster shows him with a slightly angry, interrogating look on his face, fitting his character as a detective. The poster reads, “Whether there is a verdict or none, I’m sure he’s a murderer.” Yoo plays the tenacious Detective Ki Choon-ho, who wants to seek out the truth no matter what the courts say.

Confession Character Poster for Yoo Jae-myung

Meanwhile, Shin Hyun-bin’s poster alludes to her character’s attitude or transformation, “A reporter who puts her life on the line for the truth? Maybe you’re talking about a stranger.” She plays Han Yoo-ri, a former journalist and Choi Do-hyun’s friend.

Confession Character Poster for Shin Hyun-bin

Lastly, Nam Gi-ae is seen smiling mysteriously in her poster. She plays Jin Yeo-sa, also known as Mrs. Jin, a high-profile woman who suddenly appears in Choi Doh-yun’s office one day. Her poster says, “You need me, Mr. Lawyer,” raising curiosity about the role she will play in the show.

Confession Character Poster for Nam Gi-ae

Confession is directed by Kim Cheol-kyu who helmed the award-winning series Mother (2018). It will premiere on March 23, following the conclusion of Romance Is A Bonus Book.

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