Contrasting Official Posters for Memories of Alhambra Bring Romance and Suspense


I like what the poster designer was going for in the two official posters for tvN fantasy romance drama Memories of Alhambra but am peeved that the execution wasn’t up to par. The drama has a fantasy element after the two leads meeting in Spain and the posters foreshadow the strange phenomenon befalling the two leads. One poster shows the normal beautiful Spanish city backdrop and the two leads looking warming at each other, juxtaposed with the other poster against the same backdrop but there is this weird light in the distance and the two leads are looking concerned. I love this concept but the sizing and depth perception of the two are not identical so it makes me notice the differences rather than just enjoying the mirror opposites intent. Oh wells, not a huge flaw by any means and I’m looking forward to more goodies as the drama ramps up T-minus 30 days from premiere on December 1.