Controversial Video Clip Depicts Rapper Swings Sexually Harassing Woman At A Club


Rapper Swings recently spoke out about how he felt after watching a scene from a web drama that allegedly portrayed him in an inappropriate manner.

The scene shows an actor who plays as rapper Swings at a club, groping a woman from behind while asking if she likes pork cutlet. Naturally, the rapper was not amused by the web drama’s portrayal of him and stated that he also found the production to be “lacking in creativity” as well as boring.

He suggested that the production team could have come up with a more interesting storyline instead of quoting everything that he has said in the past.

Below is a screen shot of the controversial scene.


And below is the rapper’s statement.

Fans have been complimenting him for keeping it cool and making a suggestion rather than lashing out, while also criticizing the production of the web drama and calling it “amateur”.