Court Rules In Favor Of Kang Daniel & Suspends Contract With LM Entertainment

kang daniel

Just recently on May 10th, former Wanna One member Kang Daniel’s lawyer released an official statement regarding the legal battle with the idol’s agency, LM Entertainment.

According to his legal rep, the Seoul District Court deemed LM Entertainments transfer of management rights to a third party a breach of contract between the agency and Kang Daniel. Furthermore, the fact that Kang Daniel was not aware of such transfer was all the more reason why Kang Daniel’s current exclusive contract with LM Entertainment should be suspended.

This means that LM Entertainment will not be able to interfere with Kang Daniel’s career activities as they have broken the trust that bound them and Kang Daniel.

LM Entertainment has also been ordered not to signing or engaging in negotiations with third parties on Kang Daniel’s behalf.

Stay tuned for updates!