Cute TXT Moments That Will Have Fans Squealing


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TXT are the freshest K-Pop rookies that are gaining an immense amount of popularity at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why.

Below are some of the cutest moments we’ve seen from TXT members.


Hueningkai Took Quite The Fall At The Airport

TXT members were recently seen at the airport as they were preparing to head off to Japan for the 2019 MAMA.

And as always, the idols stood for press photos. But the group’s maknae Hueningkai had a slightly embarrassing moment as he slipped and fell.

After falling down, he was visibly in both pain and embarrassment, as the rest of the group members helped him walk through the crowd of fans and reporters waiting for them inside the airport.

He managed to keep smiling inside despite taking quite a big fall. Hopefully, he is okay and will still be able to perform during the 2019 MAMA.

You can check out the video clip below!



No CF Deals

HueningKai stated that SooBin’s terrible acting skills made it unlikely for them to get a CF deal. While he was supposed to look like he was applying lotion, he looked like he was washing his face instead.




Feeling Betrayed?

It turns out that SooBin’s mother’s bias is none other than the group’s maknae Hueningkai.


Upon hearing the news, YeonJun, TaeHyun, and BeomGyu also couldn’t help but feel betrayed as well.