D Gerrard Keep On Special Project “BNM X WAYFER” With New Song “Come Back To Me” That Collaborate With Bumkey

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Special project that is collaboration between Thai artist from Wayfer Records and Korea artists from BRANDNEW MUSIC named “BNM X WAYFER” start beautifully launched with “Dejavu” that Wonderframe join with Kanto Korean rapper, which received the attention of many fans.

And today second song of this project is already released that collaborate with D Gerrard Thai R&B artists that have popular song on charts and have many viewers of music video on Youtube with Bumkey. Artists in the same type of song from Korea. In song “Come Back To Me” R&B – Pop that opened the music with the passionate piano sound and then mix the lyrics with both English language and Korea language from Bumkey and Thai language from D Gerrard can be done harmoniously until it became a charm that made anyone hear this song then will have to listen until the end of the song almost everyone.

While the content speaks of good feelings with the former lover and want to come back to love each other again. It is most appreciated by simple words but very emotionally like “I want tomorrow to have meaning If tomorrow is not late yet want you to know, only you are the last one. ” with sweet words “Don’t waste no time Come back to me No no…. Now baby give me one more chance”

Let’s make feel infatuate until the last of the song.


Moreover, the music video has made to perfectly fit the music story that emphasize the image in vintage style and also long shot to convey emotions into long scenes. Which fans will experience the appreciation of “Come Back To Me” Music Videos can be viewed before anyone else at Apple Music on the morning of the 21st in this June. The YouTube Channel: Wayfer Records and BRANDNEW MUSIC can be viewed simultaneously at 18:00 in Thai time onwards. If you want to listen to this song, go to Spotify, Joox, TrueID Music and Deezer by Wayfer Records, Warner Music.