DALsooobin to Make Long-Awaited Solo Comeback with “Katchup”


Dal Shabet’s Subin, who now goes by the new moniker DALsooobin, will be making her much-awaited solo comeback with the track “Katchup” on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 6PM KST, which makes that Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 1AM PST / 4AM EST in the States.

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Through the days leading up to her comeback, DALsooobin has released a few explosive visuals, such as the initial teaser art image, where she’s seen elegantly wearing a crystal dress in a space filled with ketchup, which further ignited curiosity for her new title song “Katchup”.

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DALsooobin Company is expected to reveal a variety of visual contents through content app V Live and via different social media platforms. Solo artist DALsooobin has promised to exceed the audience’s expectations by unveiling her true identity through this album.

You can catch the starlet’s latest MV teaser ​HERE​, and view some of her behind-the-scenes cuts in her Instagram post ​HERE​.

To “Katchup” with DALsooobin on the daily:

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