Dasom describes role, preparation for tvN series ‘He is Psychometric’


Kim Da-som (more popularly known as Dasom) talked about her role in the upcoming tvN Monday-Tuesday drama He is Psychometric in a recent interview.

He is Psychometric is about a guy named Lee Ahn, played by GOT7’s Park Jin-young, who can see people’s past when he touches them, and a police officer named Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-eun) who has a deep secret. Dasom is taking on the role of Eun Ji-soo, Lee Ahn’s detective friend who knows about his psychometric ability and often asks for his help in solving cases.

In the interview, Dasom said that she has prepared so much for the role—a determined detective who tends to be clumsy sometimes. According to her, the project is something she could not refuse. “I couldn’t put the script down because it was too interesting. It was a different genre with both romance and comedy. Generally, I found it fun and that’s what made me say yes,” she shared.

Aside from the interesting plot, Dasom was also able to identify with the character she was tasked to portray, saying, “When I learned about the character of Eun Ji-soo, I quickly immersed myself in the role. I wanted to make her real.” The actress thinks that she is similar to her character in that they are both a little clumsy. “We’re both perfectionists and we are passionate about justice,” she added.

Dasom has done so much work to prepare for her portrayal of Eun Ji-soo—she even interviewed a real-life detective to get a good perspective of how things are actually done in the field. She did a lot of research about female detectives and learned a lot about police work.

He is Psychometric will air on March 11, replacing The Crowned Clown on tvN’s Monday-Tuesday prime time slot.