Despite SeungRi’s Drug Test Results Coming Out Negative, Informant Claims He Took Cocaine


Former BIGBANG member SeungRi who is currently being investigated for solicitation of prostitutes, police collusion, and drugs, took a drug test during the early stages of the investigation, revealing that there were no traces of drugs in his system.

However, an anonymous informant who was recently interviewed by South Korean authorities on March 20th, claims that SeungRi took cocaine back in 2017, during his lavish birthday party that took place in Palawan.

In addition, the informant has also claimed that sexual entertainment and escort services were included for guests of his birthday party as well. SeungRi has requested that the informant talk to him face to face upon being questioned by the police of whether he took cocaine or not.

And what’s interesting is that some of the people on the VIP list of his birthday party were also direct investors of the club Burning Sun. A woman currently known as Ms. Lin from Taiwan, was one of them. And the president of club Burning Sun, Lee MoonHo, was also included as one of the VIP in the list as well.

Police have not yet been able to determine the authenticity of the informant’s tip.

Stay tuned for updates!