Detailed Chat Room Conversation Shows How SeungRi Solicited Prostitutes


News agency Sisa Journal released an updated chat room conversation between former BIGBANG member SeungRi and an Indonesian investor.

The conversation discusses the types of girls that the K-Pop idol was able to offer.

You can read it below.

Sisa Journal

SeungRi: Girl number one doesn’t talk much but really likes money. And she can be a kind of a turn off when drinking alcohol with her. But her visuals are nice so…Girl number three, has great visuals bright personality, and fun to drink together with, but the downside with her is she can really be messed up when she gets drunk. Girl number three has a lot of charms, so I feel she’d be best.

Investor: What about number four? What about number two, four, and five? Ok then, forget number one, and let’s take a look again from girl number two, four, and five. We need a girl like girl number three.

SeungRi: Girl number five is not bad either!!

seungri chat room

Sisa Journal