Donga News Polls Entertainment Insiders with Mr. Sunshine and My Ahjusshi Topping 2018 Best List


This poll may not be large but it’s got an insider’s perspective on what was considered the best in drama land for 2018. Donga News polled entertainment industry insiders including directors, screenwriters, and producers to pick their top of the year on the television front. Best Drama went to Mr. Sunshine and coming in second was My Ahjusshi. Lee Byung Hun ran away with the Best Actor votes with a surprising second going to Park Seo Joon. The Best Actress votes were much tighter with Kim Tae Ri winning just over Han Ji Min in second. And of course the Best Screenwriter nod went to Kim Eun Sook and her MS PD Lee Eun Bok was selected as Best PD.

Best Drama:

  1.  Mr. Sunshine (16)
  2. My Ahjusshi (11)
  3. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (7)
  4. Prison Playbook (5)

Best Screenwriter:

  1. Kim Eun Sook (18)
  2. Park Hae Young (6)
  3. No Hee Kyung (5)
  4. So Hyun Kyung (4)

Best Drama PD:

  1. Kim Won Seok (10)
  2. Lee Eun Bok (9)
  3. An Pan Seok (5)
  4. Shin Yon Ho (4)

Best Actor:

  1. Lee Byung Hun (15)
  2. Park Seo Joon (5)
  3. Jung Hae In (4)
  4. Jo Seung Woo (3)

Best Actress:

  1. Kim Tae Ri (10)
  2. Han Ji Min (8)
  3. Son Ye Jin (7)
  4. Kim Nam Joo (6)

Next Generation Drama Actor:

  1. D.O. (9)
  2. Kim Tae Ri (6)
  3. IU (5)
  4. Jang Ki Young (4)