Drama Stills of All Three Leads for jTBC Rom-com Clean With Passion For Now


I’m like all three leads above in their first together still from upcoming jTBC rom-com Clean With Passion For Now, head tilted in slight wonder. I legit don’t know how the chemistry and visual vibe will be for petite and young adult Kim Yoo Jung with her much older and much much taller male leads Yoon Kyun Sang and Song Jae Rim. I feel like each can sling her over their shoulder and have space to carry a few bags of rice. Yoon Kyun Sang especially seems out of place at firs glance, he doesn’t fit the image of an uptight OCD president of a cleaning company but Song Jae Rim is pretty chillax in his character with an affinity for casual wear likely indicating also a laid back personality. Kim Yoo Jung remains perfectly cast with her cute charm and sunny disposition on full display in character.