Dramaland Owes Audiences Another Romance K-drama Where Hotel Del Luna’s IU and Lee Do Hyun Get Their Happy Ending


Man, I was a mess of tears this weekend watching both episodes 13 and 14 of Hotel Del Luna. It’s all Chung Myung related because I just feel sooooooo awful for Lee Do Hyun’s character and his 1300 years of flitting around that tree as a firefly keeping watch over IU’s Man Wol. And if she had just called his name she would have realized he never left and maybe they could have talked out their misunderstanding. But probably not, the universe needed Chan Sung to give Man Wol a fresh start in love and (after) life, but goodness is my poor baby Chung Myung just the most tragic character in the love triangle. Even Yeon Woo moved on and now gets his modern day princess happy ending. All Chung Myung gets is to hold out his hand forever and watch Man Wol turn around to go back to Chan Sung. Sigh, there was a scene where modern day Man Wol talked to herself from a thousand years ago and I just want both Man Wols to exist so Chan Sung and Chung Myung could each get one.