Encounter Brings in Over 9% Ratings in Episode 3 as Feelings and Obstacles Start to Emerge


Episode 3 of tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) has arrive and…..yup, I’m still totally in love with this show. It grabs my heart in a warm tight embrace for an hour and never lets go, even as I worry for my OTP and rejoice in their tiniest moments of happiness whether together or alone. But mostly together because the show rides and rises on the scenes of leads Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum in the same frame. Soo Hyun’s expressions start to open, to soften, to relax, and Jin Hyuk is forever gazing at her like she’s the best poetry compilation he’s ever read, the most riveting picture he’s ever snapped. This is likely going down as my most favorite acting performance from Song Hye Kyo and but Park Bo Gum will need to pull out even more stops to top his Answer Me 1988 Taek perfection. Episode 3 itself was so narratively rich, we see the sharks that surround Soo Hyun and understand how she’s become this way, but feel comforted by Driver Nam and his instant approval of Jin Hyuk and becoming their little cupid guardian. This drama is so shockingly good I’m still softly shaking me head at how it all came together so far.