Encounter Ends with a Well-earned Happy Ending and the Best Episode Since the Strong Premiere


I’m thrilled to write about the final episode 16 of tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend), a drama that I followed closely for 9 weeks and am thrilled I loved it so much from the start because the conclusion didn’t disappoint me. Of course it was a happy ending, the relationship of older, richer Soo Hyun and young, idealistic Jin Hyuk was never that fraught with external dangers as to warrant a sad ending. How the happy ending came about is what I love, that she tried to break up because that’s how she deals with problems by shutting it down and he stayed true because that’s how he deals with problems by being more convicted.

The drama spent 16 episodes fleshing out Jin Hyun and Soo Hyun’s rich personalities against the backdrop of their friends, family, and enemies, making them feel richly written and their process understandable and satisfying. If the drama was a tightly edited 12 episodes it would have been perfect as too many scenes of the leads dating and spending time together slowed the pace and wasn’t necessary as the earlier episodes really cemented their relationship already. But with a tightly written final episode it minimizes the flaws of the second half and leaves me with a full heart and a beaming smile on my face as these two walked off to live their ordinary lives together.