Encounter Stays Steady in 7% Ratings for Episodes 13-14 and Teases Upcoming OTP Breakup in Penultimate Episode


I think tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) is going to run the entire gamut of classic K-drama tropes with the second to last week of episodes setting everything up, but with a twist that I hope continues into the finale. The motherly opposition now comes from the kind Jin Hyuk’s mom, not because Soo Hyun isn’t good enough like the rich moms typically object but because she’s too lofty for her son to bring into their lives without broader ripple effects. Jin Hyuk as the gender reversed Candy male lead hits it out of the park in his commitment and wise beyond his years gravitas, even getting Soo Hyun’s dad’s approval, but they have so much to weather and the drama is only teasing the surface. This week’s episode spent a lot of time on OTP interactions but I take these two for granted now that they are really compatible so I just want the drama to resolve more issues so that they can either be together or break up understandably. My gut is that the latter will happen in episode 15 before the former delivers a happy ending in the final episode.