Episode 3 of Hotel Del Luna Breaks 8% Cable Ratings and IU’s Backstory Captivates


I am so so so freaking insanely in love with tvN drama Hotel Del Luna. This is wild love, and of the type that is coupled with appreciation for the wonderful characters and writing in the collective world building. I already teared up in episode 2 when IU‘s hotel manager retired and then promptly went to the great beyond. Now episode 3 gives me a sweet as heck love story to be revealed that grounds IU’s character Jang Man Wol into her current immortal bind running a hotel for ghost. She’s clearly waiting for her man and paying penance for something she did/choice made that revolved around him thousands of years ago.

I’m guessing her lover boy is cutie Lee Do Hyun but it could also be also cutie Lee Tae Sun, both of whom revolve around Man Wol when she was a female bandit leader. I kinda want the story to stay in the past more right now because I want to see what kind of love for a man made Man Wol into the person she is today, all steely bitterness with tightly wound hurt and cynicism. Audiences clearly are enjoying the drama more as well as episode 3 hit 8.281% ratings, beating its predecessor Arthdal Chronicles which never managed to hit 8% despite its huge budget.