Episode 4 of Memories of Alhambra Blurs AR and Drama Worlds and Rises to 8.154% Ratings


The tide has turned for tvN Sat-Sun drama Memories of Alhambra and not a moment too soon. The drama finally reversed a two episode slight ratings dip since it’s premiere episode as this past Sunday’s episode 4 rose to 8.154%, a notable increase from episode 3 which was in the 6% range. The ratings increase also coincided with episode 4 being the most narratively interesting episode to date, making me care about Hyun Bin‘s character Yoo Jin Woo finally. He’s still the only character of substance on screen as Park Shin Hye‘s hostel owner/candy character Jung Hee Joo or her NPC character Emma is full on background filler. But the slight uptick in cohesiveness in episode 4 gives me optimism the drama will do more with her (soon please!), and until then I can watch Jin Woo fight his dead/maybe not nemesis in the game and in his drama real life all day long.