Episode 5 of Memories of Alhambra Drops to 6% Ratings as the AR Game Fully Moves to Real World for Jin Woo


I’m legit flummoxed and frustrated with tvN Sat-Sun drama Memories of Alhambra, and those are not the f-words I wanted to feel towards this highly anticipated drama. Five episodes in the directing is way wonky, some scenes are dragged out unnecessarily and the pace is off with how events are being revealed and character interactions used. Episode 5 saw more character chemistry between Hyun Bin‘s Jin Woo and the precocious teenager Min Joo than with female lead Park Shin Hye‘s Hee Joo. I’m loathe to spend time to dissect what is going wrong other than saying it’s not working, the drama isn’t gelling in emotional or action-packed ways to make me tune in for anything other than Binnie watching. The ratings also went down to 6.829% while jTBC‘s totally unexpected hit Sky Castle hit new ratings high of 9.539%. Please let the screenwriter have some magic fix in store for episode 6 to turn things around because there remains so much potential for Memories to be a fresh work to push K-dramas into yet another level.

The following events happened in episode 5 but I didn’t feel any visceral emotional drawn from any scene: Jin Woo was attacked at the hotel by AR Hyung Seok and falls down 6 floors but and is discovered by Hee Joo, he’s rushed to the hospital and severely injured from the fall but not from the AR sword fight with AR Hyung Seok, Hee Joo is worried about Jin Woo, we learn about Hyung Seok’s estrangement from his dad who prefers Jin Woo and the impetus for why Hyung Seok ended up with Jin Woo’s ex-wife, Hyung Seok is still dead in the real world, Jin Woo’s current wife the spoiled actress Yoo Ra shows up in Spain, and AR Hyung Seok arrives in the hospital to continue his battle with Jin Woo’s avatar and Jin Woo can still see the game prompts despite not wearing the contact lenses, and finally Jin Woo is saved from AR and real life death by the arrival of Hee Joo as Hyung Seok cannot battle Jin Woo when she is present. Whew.