Episodes 11-12 of Memories of Alhambra Stay Steady in 9% Ratings as Romance and Game Mystery Take a Big Step Forward


tvN Sat-Sun drama Memories of Alhambra is the comparative late bloomer of the high profile December 2018 premieres, having a weaker beginning that is being bolstered by increasingly strong episodes as the drama progresses. It’s headed towards the conclusion very in control of the fantasy narrative and has built emotional consequences so that I care about what happens to the leads. Episode 11 got 9.431% ratings while episode 12 is getting close to 10% with 9.851%, with the story ramping up for a thrilling final four episodes showdown/rescue mission likely back in Granada.

Jin Woo remains the center of the entire story but his relationship with Hee Joo changed from amorphous to romantic with one kiss that I welcome only because it gives Hee Joo more to do than to cry and worry over either Jin Woo or missing brothe Se Joo. Jin Woo’s life is falling apart and I don’t blame him for glomming onto sane and kind life line Hee Joo, I just hope they have time to actually date after this is all over because right now it’s a total rebound for him. As for the AR game mystery, Jin Woo gets backstabbed by the Professor and decides to stop being nice and bring him into the life-and-death stakes game with him, about time dude!