Episodes 7-8 of Memories of Alhambra Stays Ratings Steady as Jin Hyuk’s Quest Remains the Central Focus


This weekend’s episode 7-8 of Memories of Alhambra got me interest back fully and completely building upon the better episodes 5-6 from last week. But the caveat is that this drama no longer has any hope of a meaningful romance for me and the sole narrative is Jin Hyuk’s quest – his mistakes and the need (literally his life is also at stake) to correct it, or at least to pay a penance for it. The game is just a stand in for how mess up Jin Hyuk’s personal life choices were before he clicked play and now his only purpose in life is to find Hee Joo’s younger brother the game master Se Joo and hopefully that can break the fantasy cycle of his nemesis appearing daily in game to try and kill him. Hee Joo is such a waste of screen time, once again she spends the majority of both episodes crying and then rightfully hating on Jin Hyuk. No way the remaining 8 episodes can make these two OTP. If there is any OTP it would be Jin Hyuk and his secretary who are now in game partners and the only other person who can see what plagues Jin Hyuk and doesn’t think he’s crazy.