Eric and Jung Yumi in Talks to Remake Their Own Cult Fave 2007 K-drama Que Sera Sera


Woah baby, now this is something new for once I haven’t seen before in K-drama land. There is a remake of the 2007 dysfunctional romance K-drama Que Sera Sera in the works and the production is in talks with original leads Eric and Jung Yumi to star! That’s crazy, not only trying to remake QSS and recapture all the heat that made the original so good, but bringing back the OG duo 12 years later to recreate the magic again. Originally the news said it was the sequel or season 2 to QSS that was in the works, but later the production clarified that it was a remake. I’m all for it, especially with how awesome Eric and Jung Yumi continue to be as an onscreen couple as evidenced by their reunion in Discovery of Love five years ago.