Every Single X1 & IZ*ONE Members Were Rigged

ahn joonyoung


The prosecution overseeing the ‘Produce 101’ vote manipulation case has revealed that all the members of X1 and IZ*ONE were unfairly selected.

The news is no doubt not only disturbing but quite unfortunate for the fans of both groups. In addition, one particular member of Wanna One is also reported to have been placed in the group through the same manner.

No specific names have been revealed as of yet.

Netizens have been particularly been reacting sensitively to the issue applying to Wanna One, as it has been revealed that only one member was unfairly added to the group for some reason. There have been speculations that the rightful idol who should have been in Wanna One was JongHyun of NU’EST.

The reason why is because he ranked #1 up until the final episode and suddenly dropped ten spots down in the rankings.

nuest produce 101


According to reports, producer Ahn JoonYoung, CP Kim YongBum, and an unidentified individual made the decisions of who would be debuting members of both IZ*ONE and X1 inside a conference room at the CJ ENM headquarters.

In addition, Ahn has reportedly received approximately $40,000 from five executives of four different K-Pop agencies.

Stay tuned for updates!