Everyone Looks Beautifully Melancholy in Drama Posters for Love Alarm with Kim So Hyun


I recently had to repaint my house and went to town on paint swatches at my local paint store. It’s insane how many colors and color families there are but a good reminder that what looks good takes coordination and pairing. The drama posters are out for Kim So Hyun‘s Netflix drama Love Alarm adapted from the same name webtoon and the color palette is purple and blue, cooler colors that indicate sadness or contemplation. Brighter colors tend to indicate passion and action so this drama is clearly going for a quite vibe as the leads are all high school students navigating that tricky path between growing up and figuring out their feelings. Kim So Hyun eschews the love alarm app of the title but the two male leads Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram are both interested in her and will likely use the alarm in their own ways. I hope these kids-turning-into-adults show audiences how best youngsters are adapting to a world where technology replaces emotional directness, perhaps it will remind us all that the old-fashioned way is the best. Find someone we like and tell that person.