Ex PRISTIN Member NaYoung Uploads Photo With DIA’s ChaeYeon

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NaYoung Instagram

Many people have been missing I.O.I and it is no denial that they were one of the popular girl groups when they first debuted.

As the contract for them only lasted for a year, many have been missing the group as well as the interactions between the members.

On Dec. 11, ex PRISTIN leader NaYoung surprised many when she updated her Instagram with a photo with DIA ‘s ChaeYeon!

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챙이랑 사진놀이?

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She had mentioned in the caption that she was playing (photos) with ChaeYeon. Fans could not help but gasped over the photo as they have been missing I.O.I contents for a long time.

They left comments on the post saying that they really miss them and happy to see that they have become even prettier over the years.

After leaving Pledis Entertainment, NaYoung has signed with Sublime Artist Agency as an actress.

Did you miss the two of them?