EXO Lay Hilariously Loses Trainer To Secretly Eat A Donut

exo lay

SM Entertainment

EXO’s Lay is just too lovable. Despite being a gentleman who possesses musical and performance talent full of charisma, the way he behaves like a child at times is just too cute to handle.

Just recently at an airport, Lay passed by a few shops that tested his discipline to stay on his strict diet that his trainer manages for him.

Passing by a donut shop, Lay asked his trainer if they could drop by for one.


His trainer responded by saying absolutely no and never, and that they should press on towards check-in.

Poor Lay. All he wanted was a donut.

However, Lay hatched a plan and didn’t just give up right there. He told his trainer to go on first without him and said he needed to use the washroom.


Of course, he wasn’t heading towards a washroom but straight back to the donut shop.


Sneaky sneaky.

You can check out the video clip below!