EXO’s Ko Ko Bop Revealed To Be Originally Meant For Red Velvet

exo red velvet

SM Entertainment

When songwriters write songs, it sometimes ends up becoming a song for an artist that it wasn’t intended for. And it happens a lot.

EXO’s hit single of the past ‘Ko Ko Bop’ apparently is one of them. Producer Styalz Fuego revealed that the song was actually written for Red Velvet. The original demo also had a female vocalist as well.


Of course, male and female vocalists usually sing in different keys for reasons related practicality and comfort. The song was pitched down when it became quite evident the song was going to be given to EXO instead.

So what would it have sounded like if Red Velvet sang it?

We don’t know for sure, but there is a demo video that might give us an idea of how it would have sounded like.

You can check it out below!