FANATICS Drops Concept Photos Of Their Upcoming Debut For “THE SIX”

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Upcoming girl group, FANATICS has released the photos for their debut that is set to happen on Aug. 6.

Earlier on FANATICS official social media accounts, concept photos for their debut album “THE SIX” were uploaded.

FANATICS Official Twitter

Their very first group photo has caught the attention of many thanks to the blue hue and pink background in contrast. Of course, we could not forget to talk about their girl crush outfits that had caused many of their fans to gasp. For more photos, you can check it out below.

Previously, Kpopmap had uploaded an article about the upcoming debut of FANATICS and many have recognized member DoAh who had previously participated in Mnet “Produce 48”.

She has been active in sub-unit, Flavor, together with members ChiaYi and YoonHye.

According to their agency, they shared that FANATICS had finally released the concept photos for their debut album “THE SIX”. They also hoped that through various contents that are currently in plan, fans would be able to see the various charms of all 6 members.

FANATICS will debut with “THE SIX” on Aug. 8!

Are you looking forward to their debut?