Fans Write Letter To SeungRi While Netizens File Petition To Dismiss Judge Who Denied Arrest Warrant


After the arrest warrant for former BIGBANG member SeungRi was denied, many South Korean people were in disbelief as the judge cited insufficient evidence as the main reason for not granting it.

Netizens have filed a government petition to dismiss the judge, Shin JongYeol, as they have been accusing the judge of receiving bribes so that he would be lenient with not just SeungRi, but other people involved in the Burning Sun scandal.


Meanwhile, fans who still remain loyal to SeungRi have written him a letter.



” ‘Over the past month and a half, I’ve been criticized and shamed by the public, while also having been investigated. I’ve become known as a traitor because of the situation, and I find it unacceptable for me to bring harm upon others around me just because I want to live through this.’

Those were the last words from SeungRi before retiring from the K-Pop industry in March.

Fans and various fan clubs have been laying low to respect SeungRi’s wishes and protect him, and we have been continuously supporting him. We now write this letter to him in order to let him know that there are still fans who continue to support him after the court’s decision. 

Judge Shin Jong Yeol of the Seoul Central District Court had the arrest warrant dismissed on the grounds that there was no room for any dispute regarding the main suspicion of embezzlement, while also adding the difficulties in acknowledging reasons for detention.

This is an indication of a sensible and healthy society as the judge was not swayed by the public’s opinion and looked to the law and evidence to make a decision. We ask the public to calmly look at the results of the investigations rather than respond in biased emotions regarding the final judgement.”