Fantasy Sageuk Arthdal Chronicles Returns for Season 2 This Weekend Taking Over For Hotel Del Luna


tvN started off summer of 2019 with the highly anticipated fantasy sageuk Arthdal Chronicles but it was the next drama to come the fantasy drama Hotel Del Luna that garnered higher ratings an buzz. One will never know how Arthdal would have done had it aired all episodes in succession but it decided to separate 6-episode chunk into seasons so tvN aired the first two seasons (12-episodes) in a row then came Hotel Del Luna and now the last season 3 of Arthdal arrives this weekend. Arthal averaged in the 6% ratings range while Hotel Del Luna did around 9% on average, and I hope all that viewer expectation that Arthdal was saving the best for last and would keep getting better comes to fruition. It would suck even more if the faithful fans believing the drama would deliver the payoff end up disappointed. I’m already disappointed so anything better than crap is a step up for me. All eyes are trained on this weekend.